What would happen if you only ate fast food? Follow Woody as he uncovers the real truth behind Fast Food. Can Fast Food be blamed for the obesity issues in our country and around the world? There is only one way to find out...let's jump right in! Oh, and one more thing...no cheating. That means no healthy items allowed!
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To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of debunking the movie SUPERSIZE ME, I have decided to do this diet again.

March 27th - April 25th, 2006

Starting weight: 160lbs

1st week: 157 lbs
2nd week: 159 lbs
3rd week: 157 lbs
4th week: 155 lbs

Final weight: 154 lbs
In the movie SUPERSIZE ME, Morgan Spurlock eats only at McDonald's for 30 straight days. He gains 25 pounds. But what he doesn't share with you is his meal plan. I do. If you have recently seen this movie, please don't fall for it. Here's why. If you carefully study the menu at McDonald's, it will become crystal clear on what he would have had to eat to gain that weight. For instance, he had to eat the following foods everyday to gain that weight:

Big Mac, Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, Qtr pounder w/cheese, Double Qtr pounder w/cheese, Hamburger, Big N Tasty, Filet O Fish, All three Chicken Club Sandwiches, Hot N Spicy McChicken, and two orders of fries.

Think about that for a moment. Can you eat all of that food everyday for 30 days? I doubt it. But that is what it would take to do it and I can assure you Morgan didn't eat all of that.

So how did he gain the weight? Deception really. The food didn't cause his weight gain. After all, it is physically impossible to consume all of that food so he had to get a source of calories from something less filling...SODA! What Morgan doesn't share with you is that he drank over a GALLON of soda everyday and slurped on Milkshakes too! He ate about 2,500 calories in food a day, but found that he could add the extra calories through soda and shakes to make up the other 2,500 he needed to gain the weight. I proved this to be true over the past 2 years!