McDonald’s Only Diet Summary

I am going to eat nothing but McDonald’s for 30 straight days and never eat a salad, grilled item, or any item considered healthy for me. Just good ole burgers, chicken and fries. Oh, and plenty of ice cream.

I don’t know where to begin to even describe this whole project. My coworkers thought I was crazy, my wife thought I was nuts, my kids couldn’t wait, and Super Size Me fans hated my agenda. At first, I had my doubters, especially from the Super Size Me supporters. When I announced this whole project idea, people quickly told me that I would fail. Why attempt it…it has already been done. Morgan Spurlock almost died doing this diet…it is dangerous and bad for anyone. Fast Food is the cause of the obesity epidemic and must be the blame. But, I was skeptical…thus, the idea for the project.

But, there are logistics involved to carry out such a diet this extreme. First, you have to ensure you can get all of your meals from the same place for 30 days. Second, you have to have some sort of way to document. Third, you need to cover all angles of the entire process.

So, on March 26th, 2004, I put the plan in motion. I weighed in, got measured, and headed out for my first meal at McDonald’s at 6am. I used a video camera to record every weigh-in, every trip to the store, every order placed, and every meal consumed. Over 20 hours of footage captured the entire 30 day process.

Rules were put in place to ensure no cheating. All of the food consumed had to be from McDonald’s. I would super size at anytime, but had to when offered. I couldn’t order any healthy items. I had to go “worse case scenario.” I could only concentrate on the foods they serve, so no other source of calories were allowed, like Sprite, Coke, Dr Pepper and such. The reason for this rule was to ensure the integrity of the project. You can get these products anywhere outside of McDonald’s, but you can’t get the food items they prepare like Big Macs anywhere outside of their stores. So, I chose Diet Coke, yes, you can get this anywhere outside the store, but this drink contains no extra calories to contaminate the project. I couldn’t even drink water because water is deemed healthier than Diet Coke. I didn’t drink a single drop of water for 30 days at anytime.

I wouldn’t change anything else about my lifestyle…the only change was my diet. If fast food is really bad for you, then surely, I would feel the effects. I kept exercises to a bare minimum. I just didn’t know what was to come.

At 6:15am, March 26th, 2004, I finished my first meal…a biscuit sausage sandwich with hash brown. My diet had officially started. My starting weight was 161. Would this diet cause me to gain? I finished that day with 3 meals in my belly. When I woke up the next day, my scale showed a 2 pound drop! I blamed it on water weight fluctuations and believed that it would go back up the next day. I ate 3 more meals. On day 3, I weighed in again. I felt 5 pounds heavier, by my scale showed another ˝ pound decrease. Weird, I thought. I ate 3 more meals, went to sleep with an extremely full belly, and dreaded the weigh-in on day 4. I awoke and stepped on the scale…viola! I gained back almost a pound! I finished day 4 with 3 more meals. On day 5, feeling 5 pounds heavier again, I stepped on the scale and found my self down 2 pounds from just the day before…how could this be? I was soooo full! I decided to skip breakfast because I was running late for work. For the next 3 days, my weight kept dropping…all the way down to 154. One week into the diet…I was 7 pounds lighter. Two weeks into it…153...8 pounds lighter…three weeks…155...up 2 pounds, but still 6 pounds lighter…and finally, the 30 day weigh-in…152...a total loss of 9 pounds.

I lost 9 pounds eating burger and fries. How could this be? My waist decreased from 33” to 31”. Surely, something would be wrong inside of me. So, I went to the lab and had an entire blood screening down to evaluate my vital organ functions and to see how my cholesterol would respond. It was 204 when I started.

That complete wrap up is summarized here.

But why stop? I was losing fat and inches eating foods I loved. So, I made a decision to keep on going for another 30 days. Surely, the next check-up wouldn’t be so “good.” I modified the rules for this journey. No more videotaping, and, if I wanted too, I could drink water. I still stuck to the diet rules and ate what I wanted by avoiding healthy items. I just knew my cholesterol would have to rise this time. So, after day 60, I weighed in at 149...another 3 pound drop. My waist was now at 30”. And, the icing on the cake? My cholesterol dropped another 11 pts. From 171 to 160. All of my organs checked out in excellent condition. So why not keep going? I did.

And by day 90...I had gained a pound and put back on an inch around my waist. My chol stayed put…coming in at 161. Full lab work can be found here. But, stop the presses…